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Who are we? We are ED Publications.


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Who are we? We are ED Publications, and here’s what we do!

ED (Exotic Dancer) Publications is the only national business magazine, national convention and national awards show serving the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry. ED Publications currently produces: ED Magazine, the bimonthly news magazine for the owners and operators of adult nightclubs; the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, the only national convention for the adult nightclub and feature entertainment industries; and the Annual Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show (The ED's), the only national awards show for this industry.

ED Publications also operates several industry websites, including ExoticDancer.com, StripClubs4Sale.com, and digital.edpublications.com, which features online editions of the magazine. ED Publications also produces STOREROTICA Magazine and STOREROTICA.com (established in 2004), the leading national trade magazine for the owners and operators of lingerie boutiques and adult stores. The company published its first magazine—the EXOTIC DANCER Directory, which listed hundreds of adult nightclubs across America and around the world—in 1991. Two years later, in 1993, ED Publications established the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, a national gathering of adult nightclub owners, exotic entertainers, vendors and industry professionals.



ED Magazine (formerly known as Club Bulletin) has been the bimonthly industry trade magazine for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry since 1996 (although ED Publications as an annual guide has been in business since 1991). ED Magazine is mailed to the owners and operators of more than 2,500 adult nightclubs in North America—and is also mailed to over 1,000 more vendors and industry professionals. The magazine is the only news and reference source for the decision-makers and buyers at gentlemen’s clubs. The growth and success of our publication has kept pace with the phenomenal growth and success of these clubs over the past three decades, as they have gone from the strip clubs of old to today’s high-dollar, white-collar gentlemen’s clubs.

Each issue of ED Magazine is packed with legal, marketing, management, staff training and vendor relations news designed with but one goal in mind—to increase business for  gentlemen’s club owners by providing them with how-to tips and access to the vendors and industry pros whose products and services can help them increase their profits. The reality is that the owners and operators of gentlemen’s clubs are not as much in the “adult entertainment” business as they are in the “hospitality” business. They sell drinks, they sell food, they sell merchandise, and they spend billions of dollars every year on alcohol and beer, on sound and lighting, on carpeting and fixtures, etc. At any given minute there are more men, and women, sitting in strip clubs (gentlemen’s clubs) than in any other type of nightclub. It’s big business, and it’s a business that ED Publications has covered, and will continue to cover, in a big way.

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Exoticdancer.com is the one-stop website for EVERYTHING that’s happening in the gentlemen’s club and feature entertainment industries. Current industry news, club events, feature entertainer appearances, spotlight stories on club staffers, exclusive interviews with top recording artists (courtesy of StripJointsMusic.com), key ED Magazine articles and EXPO coverage help make ExoticDancer.com the go-to site for club owners, entertainers, staff, business pros and strip club aficionados alike.
Coming soon to ExoticDancer.com: The most accurate online gentlemen’s club database in the world.

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Digital.EDpublications.com is the direct link to full issues of ED Magazine, which are viewable via your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Now you can read ED Magazine anywhere, anytime!


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StripClubs4Sale.com is the only legitimate “adult nightclubs for sale” website in the world, and contains the largest database of clubs for sale. Users of the site must pay a nominal monthly fee to search for clubs for sale, while it is FREE to list a club for sale. Detailed information on each club for sale is available, including asking price, property lease information, images, video tours, gross sales, licensing information and much more!

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Established initially in 2004 as TEEZE Magazine and ASB Magazine, these magazines were merged in 2008 to become STOREROTICA Magazine (Storerotica.com). STOREROTICA is the national, business-to-business (trade) magazine for the owners and operators of lingerie boutiques and adult retail stores. STOREROTICA is very similar to the ED Magazine, in the sense that it is a trade journal for adult business owners. The readers of STOREROTICA are the thousands of owners and buyers of retail stores that carry intimate apparel and erotic products, as well as the manufacturers and distributors who provide those products. STOREROTICA also presents annual awards, and has done so since 2008.


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