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EXPO Certification Seminar:
Team Leadership

2019 university 2019 final2One of the industry’s own, professional motivational speaker and author Willard Barth, has seen all rungs of the gentlemen’s club industry. As such,he is the perfect person to present the EXPO’s training certification seminar on effective team leadership.

Sure, there are a lot of motivational speakers out there, some more effective than others. Not only is Willard Barth one of the better ones—as anyone who witnessed his seminar at EXPO 2015 in New Orleans can attest—he also has something that most motivational speakers don’t have. Specifically, he worked in the gentlemen’s club industry for several years before pursuing his next career as a speaker and author. This makes him a uniquely valuable EXPO seminar speaker.
“I am eternally grateful for the adult entertainment industry because it allowed me to fund my education and fund businesses I was starting that led to me being able to now do what I do full time,” says Barth, a nationally recognized speaker and expert on business leadership who is presenting the Club Management “Team Leadership” Certification.
“What makes me potentially different than some of the other people out there, I’ve been in the trenches,” Barth adds.  “I started out in a club where I was getting $25 shift pay, and no mandatory minimum tip out, where I was making maybe $50 at the end of the night to working one of the top clubs in New York City on Broadway where I was running 100 girls a night. I’ve been through every part of that spectrum.”
ED Magazine spoke with Barth about the practical skills attendees will learn at the seminar and how leadership is often misconstrued.

ED: This isn’t just a standard EXPO seminar; your training certification seminar is offering very specific advice on a very specific subject. What practical skills will attendees of your training seminar walk away with?
BARTH: One of the things I’ve learned over 30 years of working in personal and professional business development is success leaves clues. If you want to replicate the success of someone else who’s in your club or another club, there are four key areas to identify and then repeat, and duplicate that process. We’re going to be teaching that formula of what you need to identify and then apply. If you follow this recipe, you’ll be able to cut the learning curve down 25% or less of the time it would normally take you to succeed.
This applies cross-contextually. The formula has been used by entertainers, by CEOs, people in relationships — it’s one of these universal frameworks. You plug in the barback, or entertainer, or security staff or the owner — the strategy might be 2019 barthdifferent, but the framework is always consistent.

“Leadership is not about a title. It’s not about a position. Leadership is actually about your ability to communicate effectively with the people you work with and bring the best out in them.” - Willard Barth

ED: What’s the biggest misconception about leadership you hope to clear up with this seminar?
BARTH: Leadership is not about a title. It’s not about a position. Leadership is actually about your ability to communicate effectively with the people you work with and bring the best out in them. Many people think just because they get a promotion or because they have certain tenure, they believe that’s leadership and that has nothing to do with it.

ED: Why is it crucial for staff to attend, as opposed to just club owners acting as delegates?
BARTH: When you combine the economy we’re in with all these changes in the (gentlemen’s club) industry with the lawsuits and everything else, there are still some people doing extremely well with those challenges. The idea behind this presentation is how to identify what the top performer is doing, no matter what their role is, and be able to replicate their results. This framework came from studying the most successful people in different industries and different fields and determining the common thread.

ED: Can you talk a bit about the importance of great leadership, and how leading properly from the top affects everyone else in the club?
BARTH: Often, leaders are scared that if they train other people to be phenomenal leaders, they’re going to be out of a position. They’re not going to be needed. But the role of a leader is not to stand at the front and manage. Most people confuse leadership with managing, which is, I’ll put together the protocol and make sure all of you are following it. A leader’s role is to create more leaders, to create more people who can replace them. You’re not just teaching them the step-by-step procedures, you’re teaching them about a mindset.

For more information, visit willardbarthenterprises.com.



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