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choosing 2018
choosing 2018 1Fresh, out-of-the-box parties that attract a newer generation of customers

Sure, everyone has a St. Patty’s day event where people wear green and a Christmas party where some customer will inevitably show up dressed as Cousin Eddie from “Christmas Vacation.” But that’s old news. What kind of parties and special events are the successful clubs throwing in 2018?
The answer is, they aren’t your daddy’s parties anymore! Our club experts will discuss their most innovative party and special event ideas, especially those aimed to attract your newest generation of customers ... who have notably short attention spans! Attendees will walk away with specific ideas for special-event nights at their club, while we discuss this topic in a lively, “talk show” format.

Meet our seminar speakers:

Jerry Westlund is the owner of Pony Clubs/Fantasy Showclubs chain of clubs, and is a major proponent of special events, parties and feature entertainer bookings.
Says Westlund, “Anyone who isn’t throwing a theme party at least once a month is leaving money on the table for not only themselves but for the entertainers and employees as well!”

John Miller is the General Manager of the Penthouse Club in New Orleans, a club that has become the leader in the very competitive NOLA club market by having innnovative, outside-the-box events and club promotions.
Says Miller, “From my experience in New Orleans, a city notorious for throwing a party for just about anything, it’s important to focus on three key factors when choosing party themes: creativity, relevancy and mass appeal. First and foremost is creativity. You always want to stand out from the crowd, and don’t want to throw the same party as anyone else. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw a Christmas party; it means you’ll want to put a twist on the theme to set it apart from the rest.
Second, is relevancy. You need to make sure you choose a theme that relates to something current, anything from an upcoming holiday or social trend/pop culture happening (e.g., a movie release) works well.
Lastly, your party theme should have mass appeal. You don’t want to veer too far into any niche. Instead, you’ll want to keep the theme applicable to a wide audience, which will increase the number of customers your party attracts.

Mike DeSuno (aka DJ Platypus) is the Entertainment Director for the Rick’s Cabaret club chain, and is also the head DJ at Tootsie’s Cabaret. He also helps to plan, promote and execute the parties and major special events at what is the largest and arguably most successful adult club in the country.
Says DJ Platypus, “Picking the right party ideas not only enhances your advertising, it also gives your guests an opportunity to interact with your staff and entertainers in a fun way. Clubs that do not throw parties or events miss out on additional revenue, new customer acquisition and motivation for your staff. These are all key components to integrating your brand with social media, not to mention training your guest to attend the club more frequently resulting in higher revenue for your business.”

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