EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas


promoting party 2018 1
promoting party 2018Rise above the social media and marketing static to make sure your customers know about your special event.

Millennials and centennials are the toughest customer to reach with a notoriously short attention span. Now just imagine you have this phenomenal event planned for your club. You’ve got the theme, matching outfits, decorations and even your staff is pumped up. But how do you alert the world, namely the clamshell that is 20-somethings, about your event? Terrestrial radio and billboards are 20th century methods of advertising. You have to turn to the 21st century, meaning reaching this younger demographic via their phones. So if your idea of marketing isn’t too far removed from The Flintstones, welcome to the new age with our experts’ proven modern marketing tactics. You’ll walk away from this seminar with specific tactics for promoting special events on social media.

Meet our seminar speakers:

Jenna Gross is the Chief Marketing Officer with Moving Targets, a company which creates and executes measurable marketing campaigns across established and emerging platforms.
Says Gross, “The visual-centric nature of Instagram makes it an ideal platform for the adult nightclub industry. Using Instagram for club promotion should already be an essential part of a holistic social media strategy,  but the real impact is using stories to reach new audiences, regular guests and drive event attendance. With so many people glued to their Instagram feed, generating creative and conversion-friendly Instagram Stories allows clubs to connect with and expand their audience. Stories can be pinned to the top of profiles with ‘Story Highlights’ enabling clubs to highlight parties, specials, and even implement a call-to-action button, leading visitors to join VIP Clubs. This gives profiles more depth and value by driving traffic, showing off your entertainers and most importantly, generating in club sales.”

 Pete Housley is the CEO of Admit VIP, a boutique venue, box office and entertainment management and consulting firm for numerous nightclubs, bars and venues throughout the U.S. Housley pioneered social media and event marketing in Las Vegas, and has lead numerous panels on social media advertising and marketing for the Twitter #140 Conference, AVN, Xbiz and is a past winner of Nevada Electronic Media Awards.
Says Housley, “No matter what platform is the next trend, engagement is the key to promoting events and venues. Since the beginning of ‘social media,’ its success has been in the interaction and engagement between users, celebrities, venues and brands.  Engagement has to be more than just answering questions; you need to engage your audience, and not just yell at them sending out flyers and specials.
“We also like to partner a lot with larger brands with stronger social media presence; in this industry it’s hard to get Budweiser to tweet about your venue—but not so hard to get novelties, studios and the like to work with you. You’re not alone in trying to grow and engage your customers through social media; working together with brands, stars, and even other venues can increase awareness and engagement quickly.
“The bottom line is, the tools and mediums are less important than engaging the audience on any one or all of them.”

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