EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas

“Meet & Greet!”

EXPO Support Staff Training Seminar

2014 EXPO 01470Each day, adult nightclubs welcome first-time guests into their venue. And no matter what shape, size or attire the guest boasts, they all have one thing in common: the fact that each will walk away with a first impression of your adult club. So what does it take to create not only a last impression, but a great one?

At the 2014 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, Robert Smith of Nightclub Security Consultants and David Boehm of Club Consultant Pro 2.0 came together to tell owners, managers and everyone in between just that during their “Meet & Greet” Support Staff Training Seminar.
2014 EXPO 01706“I can’t emphasize enough how important first and last impressions are,” says Boehm. “It starts at your front door and ends at your front door; but in this industry, hospitality seems to be more and more of a lost art.”
With that being said, Boehm went on to explain that in order to be the best at what you do, it all has to begin before guests walk through your front door. For example, Boehm brought up the suggestion of having a female valet staff. Think: Thigh-high boots, sexy fishnet stockings, short shorts and a halter top—you’ll have your guests drooling with delight before they even make it within stage view.
“When they are treated like a king or a queen or a God, they comeback,” Boehm says. “They don’t forget that kind of service. Any owner knows that about hospitality. Yes, we sell the fantasy, but the fantasy begins the second they park their car—as guests. They are guests. They are not customers. You must treat them like guests.”
2014 EXPO 01379Smith goes on to ask this oft-overlooked yet imperative question: When did we accept the minimum standard as the norm?
He asks this in relation to the staff—and, more specifically, the door hosts and/or bouncers—that you are hiring to man your front door.
“You’re in a market that’s saturated, so you have to look outside of the box,” explains Smith. “If you have shitty service and rude employees, you’ve got nothing. Owners and managers can’t expect the door guard to know how to be a host, and most of the time this position requires some great training and guidance to understand the value of reading guests, groups and VIPs. It is also important to consider a higher pay scale for the good or great door host.”
“You have to look past the ‘I gotta fill that position’ mentality,” continues Smith. “You have to find the right person and train them the right way. Don’t just shoo them off to the head of security for training. This is show business, not show friends. If you hire someone you can’t fire, you automatically fail. And if you want them to do what they need to do, give them the tools to do it.”


To listen to the entire seminar, click here!


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