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Splash Bash” and $10,000 Bikini Contest

splash bash 2018Religion Tequila Presents
The EXPO 2018 “Splash Bash” and $10,000 Bikini Contest
Wednesday, August 22, 2-7 pm
Rehab Pool, Hard Rock Vegas

Back by very popular demand, we return to the world-famous Rehab Pool at the Hard Rock Vegas for the EXPO “Splash Bash” and $10K Bikini Contest. And since everyone couldn’t seem to get enough of a good thing in 2017, we’ve added two hours to make it a five-hour event that will bring the 2018 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO to a raucous close!

Of course, the highlight of the “Splash Bash” is the bikini contest, where we’ll once again be giving away $5,000 in cash and $5,000 in advertising with ED (magazine and website). For feature entertainers, that means cash and advertising for you; for clubs who enter their “house” entertainers, that’s cash for them and advertising credit for you! And since we’re limiting the contest to just 50 entrants, attendees are going to see only the hottest touring showgirls, adult film stars and gentlemen’s club entertainers bare (almost) all for a share in the $10,000 prize!

We also have some very special guest announcements for the Splash Bash, including guest emcees and DJs, so stay tuned.

The EXPO Splash Bash and $10,000 Bikini Contest is presented by Religion Tequila and co-sponsored by Associated Agencies and Buck’s Cabaret.
splash bash bikini 2018

Seminars & Panels: Choosing the Party

choosing 2018 1Fresh, out-of-the-box parties that attract a newer generation of customers

Sure, everyone has a St. Patty’s day event where people wear green and a Christmas party where some customer will inevitably show up dressed as Cousin Eddie from “Christmas Vacation.” But that’s old news. What kind of parties and special events are the successful clubs throwing in 2018?
The answer is, they aren’t your daddy’s parties anymore! Our club experts will discuss their most innovative party and special event ideas, especially those aimed to attract your newest generation of customers ... who have notably short attention spans! Attendees will walk away with specific ideas for special-event nights at their club, while we discuss this topic in a lively, “talk show” format.

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Seminars & Panels: Executing the Party

executing the party 1Step-by-step operational instructions for your staff to ensure that the big party you’ve planned is a success!

So you’ve chosen the theme and employed a full-scale promotional campaign. But now that the lights are about to shine, there’s one question you must ask yourself: Are you and your staff ready for a packed club?  
Rest assured, successful parties aren’t a byproduct of crossed fingers. There are several elements that go into planning and executing a large-scale adult nightclub event. What the customers see is naturally vital, but not the only ingredient in a successful equation. It can mean being properly staffed, or having enough stock for anything.
Executing the party is the last, but arguably most important step in this three-step process. Our experts will offer tips and instructions on how to plan and execute an event/party that will have existing and new customers raving. Attendees will walk away with a checklist of operational tips and instructions for producing a successful party or event.


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Seminars & Panels: Promoting the Party

promoting party 2018Rise above the social media and marketing static to make sure your customers know about your special event.

Millennials and centennials are the toughest customer to reach with a notoriously short attention span. Now just imagine you have this phenomenal event planned for your club. You’ve got the theme, matching outfits, decorations and even your staff is pumped up. But how do you alert the world, namely the clamshell that is 20-somethings, about your event? Terrestrial radio and billboards are 20th century methods of advertising. You have to turn to the 21st century, meaning reaching this younger demographic via their phones. So if your idea of marketing isn’t too far removed from The Flintstones, welcome to the new age with our experts’ proven modern marketing tactics. You’ll walk away from this seminar with specific tactics for promoting special events on social media.

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Opening Night ‘80s Movie Party

movie party 2018EXPO 2018's Opening Night ‘80s Movie Party
Vanity Nightclub inside the Hard Rock
Monday, August 20, 9 pm to midnight

“Every now and then say, 'What the f***.’ It gives you freedom.” — Joel Goodson, “Risky Business,” 1983
It’s time to channel your inner Joel Goodson (aka Tom Cruise) at this year’s Opening Night ‘80s Movie Party, as we tap into the EXPO’s “Party Business” theme. Come dressed as Joel (you know, white button-down dress shirt, underwear and athletic socks) for our $500 Risky Business dance contest, or come decked out as your favorite ‘80s movie character and move to our DJ's radical grooves. Either way, you know you’ll have a totally awesome time at the EXPO’s official kick-off event!

Just as we have for the past few years, we’ll also be presenting ten ED’s Awards during the Opening Night Party in order to create a more compact “main” Awards Show on Tuesday at The Joint Theater. Monday night’s ED Awards will include: Urban Club of the Year, International Club of the Year, Feature Club of the Year, General Manager of the Year, Club Employee of the Year, DJ of the Year, Newcomer Entertainer of the Year, Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year, International Showgirl of the Year and Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Year.

Special thanks to our Opening Night Party sponsors, including Monroe’s of Palm Beach, JEVO gelatin shots, Club Control Systems and MDC Wholesale Cigars, who will be giving away free cigars on the patio at Vanity.
opening party 2018

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