EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas


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executing the party 1Step-by-step operational instructions for your staff to ensure that the big party you’ve planned is a success!

So you’ve chosen the theme and employed a full-scale promotional campaign. But now that the lights are about to shine, there’s one question you must ask yourself: Are you and your staff ready for a packed club?  
Rest assured, successful parties aren’t a byproduct of crossed fingers. There are several elements that go into planning and executing a large-scale adult nightclub event. What the customers see is naturally vital, but not the only ingredient in a successful equation. It can mean being properly staffed, or having enough stock for anything.
Executing the party is the last, but arguably most important step in this three-step process. Our experts will offer tips and instructions on how to plan and execute an event/party that will have existing and new customers raving. Attendees will walk away with a checklist of operational tips and instructions for producing a successful party or event.

Meet our seminar speakers:

Dean Reardon is the Vice President of Operations for the RCI/Rick’s Cabaret club chain and an industry veteran. Reardon travels across the country from club to club, working directly with managers and staff on executing special events.
Says Reardon, “When it comes to special events, it’s all about ‘plan your work and work your plan.’ But keep in mind, your little club promos are just as important as your big special events. You have to get your staff to buy in to what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. As a previous regional director, it was always important for me to get the input of the staff—what events and themes do they think will be successful? Because if they have a say in the events we do, they’ll be more apt to be involved and enthusiastic once it comes time to host that party or special event. And of course, you have to have that event checklist and you have to stick to it.”

Bryant Emiliani is the Regional Manager for Kirkendoll Management, which owns and operates five gentlemen’s clubs in Louisiana, and also licenses the Penthouse Club brand.
Says Emiliani, “In my experience, two of the most important keys to executing a successful party or event are communication and poise. As a manager, I believe you should have a pre-shift meeting with the entire staff, either individually or all together. In that meeting, make sure they are aware of the details of the event and make sure to ask if they have all the tools for a successful night. Communicate with entertainers to make sure they are aware of the night’s events. While communicating with staff and entertainers, check their demeanor. Do they have the right mindset to execute? Without communicating with your people, you will not know if your staff member needs motivation. Or, maybe they shouldn’t be there at all. Have you ever been to a party where the host was sad or angry? I can bet that if you have, that party wasn’t any fun, and you wouldn’t be excited to go to their next one. Communicate with your guests! Greet them as they are coming through the door, tell them about the event, specials, catering, or entertainment they can expect. Finally, constantly throughout the event, check with your staff, check with your entertainers, and check with your customers to make sure they have what they want or need. Check on all of them with a smile on your face, because you set and maintain the mood of the entire evening!”

Curtis Wise is the owner of the Bucks Cabaret chain of clubs, with locations in Texas and South Carolina. He is also an industry veteran with 35 years of experience owning and operating gentlemen’s clubs.
Says Wise, “The execution of the party is clearly the key to its success. It starts with staff/shift meetings, identifying the upcoming parties and events and getting the staff excited and motivated. As the event gets closer, there’s a lot that goes into the set-up. We alert our VIPs, and we may also be setting up reservations for our guests. We have extra valet on hand, extra staff, have the kitchen stocked and prepared, decorations, even ice sculptures. But we also are sure to evaluate each event after it’s over to figure out why it went well or why it didn’t. There’s so much we can learn from every event we host, and we take what we learn and build upon it.”

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