EXPO 2022 | Aug 14-17 | Bally's Las Vegas

EXPO Certification Seminar:
Alcohol training and prevention of over-serving

2019 university 2019 final2In the gentlemen’s establishments where it’s allowed, alcohol can be a boon for profits — but serving alcohol also comes with risk and responsibilities. Trevor Estelle of Health Communications Inc. will teach attendees at EXPO 2019 how to prevent over-serving and handling the customers who’ve had too many.

As long as there has been alcohol, there has been over consumption. Anyone who has been to a nightclub, bar, gentlemen’s club, sports bar — anywhere that serves alcohol — is privy to this fact.
The 2019 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO isn’t providing certification to grasp this notion. Rather, the Responsible Alcohol “Over-Serving” Class will help gentlemen’s club staff prevent over-serving a club guest, which can not only prevent huge club lawsuits but can also save lives.

Whether it’s dealing with an overtly intoxicated patron or trying to nip potential disaster in the bud, Trevor Estelle of Health Communications Inc (providers of the TIPS Alcohol Server and Seller Training Programs) will help the bartenders and staff of your club navigate these waters to safe seas.
ED Magazine spoke with Estelle about the practical skills attendees will learn to more effectively and responsibly serve alcohol and how that can come into play in the courtroom.
This isn’t just a standard EXPO seminar; your training certification seminar is offering very specific advice on a very specific subject. What practical skills will attendees of your training seminar walk away with?
2019 Trevor Estelle3446ESTELLE: EXPO training seminar “students” will learn: the legal responsibilities of serving alcohol; how to recognize signs of intoxication; strategies to prevent underage access and intoxication; and approaches to handling an intoxicated customer.

“Identifying specific behavioral cues and intoxication rate factors are some of the tricks to determining a customer’s level of intoxication. This seminar will include a series of intervention guidelines staff members can use when
handling difficult situations.” Trevor Estelle

What’s the biggest misconception of this seminar?
ESTELLE: While those who attend this seminar will learn how to prevent alcohol-related issues, a common byproduct of this training is an overall improved customer experience. When staff pays closer attention, their customers’ needs are met, making for a better experience and higher satisfaction.

 ED: Why is it crucial for staff to attend, as opposed to just club owners acting as delegates?
ESTELLE: The seminar is designed specifically for staff.  Club owners aren’t always available for the day-to-day, hour-by-hour engagement with their customers. Owners rely on their staff to promote responsible consumption of alcohol and handle whatever circumstances are thrown at them. This seminar will provide staff with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to prevent their customers from hurting themselves or someone else.

What are some subtle cues to spotting potential customer disaster; specifically, in preventing the over-serving of a drunken patron?
ESTELLE: It is important to be able to tell the difference between someone that is getting into trouble with alcohol and someone who is just having a good time. You need to be able assess the entire customer. Identifying specific behavioral cues and intoxication rate factors are some of the tricks to determining a customer’s level of intoxication. How staff members respond to these cues and factors are equally important. This seminar will include a series of intervention guidelines staff members can use when handling difficult situations.

Being properly educated can help in litigation; are you bringing up any specific cases related to over-serving (dram-shop)?
ESTELLE: Being properly trained can help in litigation. Who would you rather have fly your airplane? An aeronautical engineer that has been thoroughly educated on the physics and science of what makes a plane fly or a trained pilot that can take off and land a plane and has been trained on disaster scenarios in a flight simulator? I’ll take the pilot. The same holds true for the person serving you alcohol.
 Yes, the seminar will touch on how servers can make reasonable efforts to protect themselves and the club. Yes, we will highlight a few cases to demonstrate the frequency of liquor liability lawsuits.

For more information on Health Communications Inc, call (800) 438-8477 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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