EXPO 2020 | Oct 25-28 - Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

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The Adult Nightclub Industry's National Convention, Tradeshow & Awards

The InterContinental Hotel • Downtown Miami • May 23-26, 2021

  • EXPO 2021 logo finalEXPO 2020 moves to Miami in Spring 2021

    The InterContinental Hotel on the bay in Downtown Miami will host EXPO 20/21, May 23-26

    Due to the ongoing pandemic and the inability for Planet Hollywood or Las Vegas to host any conventions in the foreseeable future, ED Publications had no choice but to move the 2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. However, we are very pleased to announce that the 20/21 EXPO will be held May 23-26 at the InterContinental Miami, which is directly on the bay in downtown Miami.

    “With Planet Hollywood remaining closed, with so many Las Vegas conventions being canceled, including AVN, CES, Nightclub & Bar and the LDI shows, and with nightclubs and adult clubs in Vegas currently shuttered, we at ED Publications were left with no option but to move our 2020 EXPO to Spring 2021,” says ED Publications’ Associate Publisher, Dave Manack.  “We truly did everything we could to keep EXPO 2020 alive, but unfortunately there is only so much that’s within our power to control. Thankfully, with an amazing location and dates for Miami in 2021, we already have a lot to look forward to in the coming months as we bring our attendees, exhibitors and sponsors the biggest and best EXPO we’ve ever done!”

    EXPO 2020 seminars will also move to 2021 in Miami, as will the Annual ED’s Awards. The 20/21 ED Awards will feature an online pre-nominations ballot in March 2021, with a Final Ballot to launch in early April. The 2020 EXOTIC DANCER Invitational (EDI) Contests are also moving to early 2021, with dates being announced in the coming weeks.

    “After 25 years, we are excited to bring the EXPO back to Miami, which may very well be the number-one club market in the world,” says Manack, noting that the EXPO was previously held in Miami once, in 1994. “South Florida is the perfect location for the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, and May is a perfect time to host this event in the Sunshine State, which is the state we call home.”

    Upcoming issues of ED Magazine will showcase the lineup of seminars, parties and other special events planned for the 20/21 EXPO in Miami. Exhibitors who want to secure their best possible booth location should contact ED’s Kristofer Kay at (727) 726-3592 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    For more information, call (727) 726-3592, email dave@edpublications, or visit ExoticDancer.com and theEDexpo.com.

    To register for EXPO 20/21 or for more information, call ED Publications at (727) 726-3592 or visit the official EXPO site at www.theEDexpo.com.

    Register today to attend EXPO 20/21!

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    The adult nightclub industry’s only convention!

    The Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO is the only national convention and tradeshow for the multi-billion-dollar adult nightclub industry, and is produced by ED Publications, the industry’s trade magazine for 30 years. EXPO attendees can count on three days of must-attend seminars and panel sessions geared toward club owners, general managers, DJs, security staff and other key club personnel; two days of a 120-booth Tradeshow with vendors showcasing their latest products and services; two evening parties that are equal parts networking and enjoyable fun; and the Annual ED Awards Show, the only national awards show honoring the industry’s top adult nightclubs and entertainers. The Annual EXPO features:

        •    A three-day conference and tradeshow for the adult nightclub (strip club) industry with more than 2,000 attendees
        •    Daily seminars with industry leaders addressing legal, marketing and security topics; alcohol sales; club sound, lighting and renovations; employee relations; new products; and more
        •    Two-day tradeshow with 120-plus booths.
        •    Opening Night Party and Pre-ED-Awards Presentations & Closing Night Party
        •    Feature Entertainer Showcases
        •    Adult Nightclub Awards Show, in a showroom theater
        •    “Chill Day" activities, including the $10,000 EXPO Bikini Contest
        •    Membership meeting of the Association of Club Executives (ACE), the industry's national lobbying organization
        •    Produced annually since 1993 by ED Publications, publishers of the industry's only national, bimonthly business-to-business magazine (ED Magazine)

    Register today to attend EXPO 20/21!

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    The people who make the industry successful!

    The Annual EXPO draws over 2,000 attendees, including over 1,500 adult nightclub owners, club executives, general managers, floor managers, DJs and club personnel from individual clubs and club chains. Other EXPO attendees include:

        •    Liquor, beer and wine distributors
        •    Social media marketing companies
        •    Food and beverage companies
        •    Bar supply and glassware companies
        •    Club furnishings and carpet companies
        •    Specialty lighting and signage companies
        •    ATM and credit card processing companies
        •    Attorneys
        •    App developers and internet specialists
        •    Architects
        •    Club brokers and realtors
        •    Insurance specialists
        •    Sound, lighting & staging companies
        •    Health and beauty companies
        •    Apparel companies
        •    POS and liquor control system companies
        •    Management software technology
        •    Security and age ID companies
        •    Feature entertainers and booking agents

    Register today to attend EXPO 20/21!

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    Reach the owners and operators!

    Gentlemen’s clubs represent the highest-grossing segment of the nightclub industry. There are more than 2,500 adult nightclubs in North America which employ over 500,000 dancers and support staff, and serve 1.2 million customers a day. Adult nightclubs lead the industry in alcohol sales.

        •    There are more than 3,000 adult nightclubs in the U.S.
        •    More than 90 percent of the clubs serve beer, wine, champagne and liquor.
        •    All of the clubs serve bottled water, soft drinks and energy drinks.
        •    More than 1,000,000 customers visit adult nightclubs every day of the year.
        •    There are more than 500,000 entertainers and club employees working in adult nightclubs.
        •    There are more than 30 club chain operators controlling over 300 adult nightclubs.
        •    One adult club chain, Rick’s Cabaret, is publicly traded on NASDAQ (symbol: RICK).
        •    Adult nightclubs have combined annual gross revenues of more than $7.5 billion.
        •    Adult nightclubs are open longer hours and more days than any other type of nightclub.
        •    Adult nightclubs sell a higher percentage of high-end liquor and champagne than other clubs.
        •    Adult nightclubs reach the most desirable demographic of spenders, ages 18 to 50.
        •    Adult nightclubs reach a consumer demographic used to paying top dollar for entertainment.
        •    The adult nightclub industry has a national association with over 30 statewide chapters.The adult nightclub market is untapped and ripe for national promotions by liquor manufacturers and distributors seeking to target this high revenue generating market niche.
        •    There is only one national trade magazine for the adult nightclub industry—ED Magazine

    Register today to attend EXPO 20/21!
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Three reasons you can’t miss the
Gentlemen’s Club EXPO

  • ED best 2019 144

    It’s the entire industry in one place

    Each time we poll attendees for the number-one reason why they come to the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, the answer that comes back more often than any other is, “To see old friends, meet new ones, and come together as an industry.” It’s the one time of year the entire adult nightclub industry comes together for three days of business and pleasure. From the Tradeshow to the seminars to the ACE National meeting to the parties, there are many networking opportunities at EXPO for everyone who makes their living in the adult nightclub industry. If you’ve never been, it’s almost a guarantee that “networking” is the reason why you’ll keep coming back. It’s an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else, ever!

  • ED best 2019 368

    It’s your chance to learn

    While there are no “Strip Club 101” courses being offered at any colleges or universities around the country, the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO presents three days of educational seminars for attendees on a wide variety of subjects. These include: Marketing, bar sales, entertainer relations, new products, industry trends, legal issues, social media, management & leadership, DJ training, feature bookings, food sales, modern technology and so much more! The bottom line is, if you come to the EXPO ready to learn, you will leave the EXPO with ideas that you can bring back with you to improve your club, your career or both.

  • ED best 2019 461

    It’s your chance to do business and have a blast!

    The Annual Gentlemen's Club EXPO serves several functions. It brings the entire industry together. It celebrates the industry with its only national awards show. It educates the industry with informative seminars and panel sessions. It also allows club owners/operators, club staff, entertainers and industry pros to do business, as companies exhibit products and services designed for the adult nightclub industry in the EXPO Tradeshow. But of course, this is the adult nightclub industry—and the parties are just as much a part of the convention as the seminars and tradeshow. As we at ED Publications like to say, the EXPO is the most fun you'll ever have doing business. With events such as the Opening Night "Kick-Off" Party, the ED's Awards Show and After-Party, the Bikini Contest and Closing Night festivities, attendees will have a blast at EXPO!

2021 sponsors

Attend EXPO 20/21

The InterContinental Hotel • Downtown Miami • May 23-26, 2021

  • An action-packed show just for you! 

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    ED best 2019 243

    EXPO 2021 attendees can count on three days of must-attend panels and workshops geared toward club owners, general managers, DJs, security staff and other key club personnel; two days of a 120-booth Tradeshow with vendors showcasing their latest products and services; the Opening Night Party and Pre-ED Awards presentation; the Annual ED Awards Show; and the Chill Day $10,000 Bikini Contest.

    SUNDAY, May 23
    3 pm - 6 pm EXPO Registration Desk open
    4 pm - 6 pm ACE National Board Meeting
    8 pm - Midnight Pre-show Parties
    MONDAY, May 24
    9 am - 6 pm Registration Desk open
    Noon -1 pm ED University Training Certification Seminar
    How to detect and prevent bar theft!
    1 pm - 2 pm ED University Training CertificationSeminar
    Insider tips on Facebook and Instagram Marketing
    2 - 6 pm Tradeshow Open
    6 - 7 pm Private Feature Entertainer Reception
    9 pm - Midnight Opening Night Party
     TUESDAY, May 25
     10:30 - 11:30 am ED University Training CertificationSeminar
    Security and conflict de-escalation
     11:30 - Noon Break
     Noon - 1 pm Keynote Address by renowned speaker David Avrin
     1 - 5 pm Tradeshow Open 
     8 - 11 pm ED Awards Show & Reception
    WEDNESDAY, May 26  
    11 am - Noon EXPO 20/21 COVID Update
    Industry leaders reveal secrets to success in the COVID world
    Noon - 1 pm Legal Panel
    A picture is worth 1,000 words ... or it might cost you a million!
    2:30 - 6:30 pm $10,000 Bikini Contest @ Hotel InterContinental

    Register today to attend EXPO 20/21!

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    Are you just an attendee—or are you a "Friend of EXPO"?

    Everyone who attends the Annual Gentlemen's Club EXPO is supporting the industry's only convention. But there are those who want to stand out from the crowd and show their support in a much more prominent way. For those club owners and operators who want to take their EXPO experience to the next level, ED Publications offers the "Friends of EXPO" Sponsorship & Registration Package.

    For the Friends of EXPO, we've put together a sponsorship and registration package that will not only cement your identity as an EXPO VIP, but will also give you and your club's brand a unique level of visibility at the industry's premier event. The Friends of EXPO Sponsorship & Registration package includes everything you see below, including: Six all-access EXPO badges, six ED's Awards Show tickets, EXPO sponsorship signage, a free ad in our Official EXPO Program Guide and more!

    A Premium Friend of EXPO Package is $3,995 and includes these incredible benefits:

    • Six EXPO badges, a specially designated Gold VIP badge (regular $359 each)
    • Six up-front VIP tickets for the 20/21 ED Awards Show (regular $150 each)
    • Private VIP registration area for badge pick-up (skip the registration lines)
    • Early entry and line-jumping to all events
    • A Limited-Edition EXPO 20/21 Travel Bag
    • And all additional EXPO badges can be purchased for just $199

    Order your VIP Package today!
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    2021 InterContinental Miami 1

    Act now and save big bucks!

    Early Registration Discount
    Buy your EXPO 20/21 badges before March 1 for just $299 per badge. After March 1, all badges are $359 per badge. Register online now!

    Group Registration Discount
    Buy three or more EXPO 20/21 badges and receive a 10 percent group discount. This applies to badges bought at the $299 rate before March 1, or badges bought at the $359 rate after March 1. Register online now!

    Awards Show Ticket Discount
    While online or on the phone, be sure to order your awards show tickets for the 20/21 EXOTIC DANCER Awards Show on Tuesday night; awards show tickets are regularly $89 each but can be bought at the discounted rate of $69 per ticket before March 1. Order awards tickets now!

    Reduced Hotel Room Rates
    We encourage you to book your room today at The InterContinental Hotel since we sell out of our block of discounted rooms every year. Book your room by calling (800) 327-3005 and requesting the “Gentlemen’s Club EXPO 2021” special rate. The room rate is $169 a night Sunday through Wednesday.  Book your room online now!

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Exhibit at EXPO 20/21

The InterContinental Hotel • Downtown Miami • May 23-26, 2021

  • EXPO 20 21 Tradeshow Floorplan 3Reserve your booth before they sell out

    The backbone of the Annual EXPO is the Tradeshow which runs on days one and two (Monday and Tuesday) of the EXPO; with management workshops, panel sessions, and evening events all three days: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

    The EXPO 20/21 Tradeshow will be held May 24 & 25 on the Mezzanine level (2nd floor) of the InterContinental Hotel Miami, surrounding a beautiful Atrium looking down on the first-floor lobby. The second floor is easily accessed by stairs and an escalator from the first floor, and also by the guest room elevators. Each pipe-and-draped booth includes a six-foot table, two chairs, a small sign, and two EXPO badges. Booths in "Tradeshow Main" are 10-by-10; booths in "Tradeshow Foyer" and "Tradeshow Atrium" are 8-by-10 (10 feet wide and 8 feet deep). Prices are the same, and in both cases, the floor is carpeted.

    The Tradeshow hours are 2-6 pm Monday, May 24, and 1-5 pm Tuesday, May 25.
    Booth set-up is 8 am-2 pm Monday, May 24 (larger booths can do some set-up after 5 pm Sunday).
    Booth tear-down is 5-9 pm Tuesday, May 25, and 9 am-noon Wednesday, May 26.

    In keeping with the industry that we cover, there is a very casual, party-like atmosphere to the Tradeshow—think cocktails, music and constant activity throughout.  To reserve your Tradeshow booth space, please call Kris Kay at the ED Publications offices at (727) 726-3592.

    Reserve your booth today!

  • 2020 ED Media Kit 3

    Check out our money-saving multi-media packages!

    The best advertising campaign incorporates multiple media and marketing streams: print ads, digital marketing, email blasts and in-person tradeshow attendance. We offer special Three-Time and Six-Time Ad Special Packages that give you extensive exposure in our print and online publications.

    BONUS: And if you sign up for one of the Ad Special Packages, you can get your booth at the EXPO 20/21 Tradeshow for Half Price!  The EXPO Booth Bonus includes:
    • A booth at EXPO 20/21 (a $2,290 value)
    • A display ad in the EXPO 20/21 Program Guide (a $800 value)
    • Two Awards Show Awards tickets (a $180 value)

    Regular cost:     $3,270   
    Discounted rate:     $1,635*

    * If you sign up for a Three-Time or Six-Time Ad Special Package.

    Reserve your booth today!

  • 2021 01 confirmed Alpha 2021 01 confirmed glastender  
    2021 1 confirmed moving 2021 1 confirmed waitressville   

    Guess who’s already booked their booths?

    If you are going to exhibit at the EXPO 20/21 Tradeshow, why limit your promotional exposure just to the days of the Tradeshow? Let us promote your company every day from now until the show dates by listing your company name, company logo, website URL and EXPO 20/21 booth number in the Confirmed Exhibitors section of our website.

    To be listed and enjoy 24/7 exposure to the industry, just send back your signed booth contract and payment (either full payment or 50 percent down payment).  You can fax your exhibitor contract with your credit card info to us at (727) 712-8282; mail the signed contract in with a check; or call Teresa Tearno in our finance department at (727) 726-3592 and take care of it over the phone.

    We are also promoting Confirmed Exhibitors in the huge slideshow on the home page of this website and announcing each Confirmed Exhibitor in our weekly ED email newsletters.  So reserve your booth now and let us start promoting your company and your presence at EXPO 20/21 today!

    See the current list of Confirmed Exhibitors!

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EXPO News & Info

Club Management “Team Leadership” Certif…

Tuesday, Aug. 1311:30-12:30 pm  Strategies to help your team achieve optimal...

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Credit Card “Chargeback” Specialist Cert…

Tuesday, Aug. 1310:30-11:30 am  An invaluable presentation on the ways to...

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EXPO 2019 Legal Panel Dynamex

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Club Security “Proper Use of Force” Trai…

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27th Annual EXPO slated for Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas...

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Sponsor at EXPO 20/21

The InterContinental Hotel • Downtown Miami • May 23-26, 2021

  • EDP 0953    
    thumb ED best 2019 594    

    Stand out in the crowd by being a sponsor!

    There are a number of sponsorship opportunities at the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO, each with an attractive list of sponsorship benefits:

    Title Sponsorships & Awards Show Sponsorships:
    •  Two Tradeshow booths and 10 EXPO badges
    •  10 Awards Show tickets, VIP seats
    •  Company banner in Panel Session room
    •  Sponsorship mention in mailings, websites
    •  Double ad in Program Guide, and banner on the EXPO website

    Event Sponsorships:
    •  One Tradeshow booth and 4 EXPO badges
    •  4 Awards Show tickets, VIP seats
    •  Sponsorship mention in mailings, websites and publications.
      Double ad in Program Guide, and banner on the EXPO website
    •  Available Events: Monday Opening Night Party; Wednesday Closing Night Party;    
    EXPO Welcome Center; EXPO Registration Desk; and two Continental Breakfasts

    Additional Promo Ops:
    ACE Board Private Reception; Front or Back of Badge; Goody Bag;
    Program Guide Ad; Onsite Digital Screen Ads

    To reserve your EXPO 2020 Sponsorship, please call Kris Kay
    or Caroline Ashe at the ED Publications offices at (727) 726-3592.

    Reserve your sponsorship today!

  • Join the industry leaders who are EXPO sponsors!

    Each year EXPO sponsors include the top clubs and club chains, as well as vendors who sell products and services to the adult nightclub industry. Here’s a look at sponsors already signed up for EXPO 2020:

    2019 sponsor tabs3

    To reserve your  EXPO 2020 Sponsorship, please call Kris Kay or Caroline Ashe at the ED Publications offices at (727) 726-3592.

    Reserve your sponsorship today!

Register for EXPO 20/21!
The Biggest Event in Our Industry

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What they are saying about EXPO

  • “We look forward to the EXPO every year to see our friends, to continue building strong relationships and to meet new club owners. The EXPO is like no other! Lots of entertainment, an incredible amount of sharing great knowledge and tools for club owners, encouraging and celebrating accomplishments with Awards Show night. For club owners, this show is a must!” — Marsha Long, Alpha Patterned Carpets, GA

  • “We felt EXPO was a great success. We all enjoyed our time with everyone. We have potential licensing agreements from our exposure at the trade show. We are looking to expand the Babe’s brand and the EXPO has played a tremendous part in helping us develop and market the Babe’s Cabaret brand.” — Charles, Jordan and Darren Bass, Babe’s NOLA, LA and NJ
  • “I enjoyed the show. It was my first time. I believe my presentation was well received. I already have more than 50 contacts that I followed up with as a result of receiving their business card at the show. It has been fruitful.”  — Trevor Estelle, TIPS, VA
  • “The EXPO was great for us. A week out and we’ve more than doubled our previous best client sign up. Looking forward to the home cooking of Vegas next year.”  — Duffy Franclemont, J Dog Media, FL
  • “We hope that you bring the dancers competition back onto the trade show floor or do something to give the attendees a reason to come into the exhibit hall, especially on the second day. We are looking forward to the show again next year and we plan to exhibit as we have for most of the past 20-plus years.”  — Paul Artt, QnC, Dallas
  • “Love the entire event. From the PANDA party pre-EXPO to bowling. This year was my second year and I learned so much. I didn’t go to as many DJ panels because I wanted to learn more about other areas and I did. It was great!”  — Jerry Butler, The Ritz, Houston
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed my first EXPO experience. I came back refreshed, with new ideas, new contacts and an enthusiasm to get back to work.”  — Jay Hatch, Paradise Found, Syracuse, NY
  • “A House Mom Seminar next year would be great, teaching the skills of this business from a house moms’ view. Also a seminar on being a better manager from the time you walk in the door to the time you lock up. I’d like to know what other managers do when there for a shift, i.e. walk the floor, run to walk in, pick up after waitresses, paperwork, social media.”  — Eric Anthony, Rhode Island Dolls, RI
  • “I always enjoy the EXPO. I get to see people I know, and I always meet new people.”  — Myles Shaffer, AINews.com
  • “The learning opportunities at EXPO are fabulous if you go in with that as your goal.”  — Kira Mundhenk, Double Visions, Horsham, PA
  • “Fantastic networking with other ACE chapters, the club owners and attorneys. Thanks for bringing COAST training to EXPO!”  — Jill Chambers, Goodtime Emporium, Atlanta
  • “I’d like to see lighting systems for clubs and live events on the trade show floor.”  — Jeremy Sweigert, Teasers, Jamme Holdings, PA
  • “More seminars on bar revenue and bartender and server training, and live entertainment on a stage in the trade show.”  —Shon Boulden, Devil’s Point, Portland, OR
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